Resale Policy

1. To protect the high reputation of Opinel’s brand, Opinel shall provide buyer with a list of suggested minimum advertised prices for the Goods (the "Suggested Minimum Advertised Price"). While Opinel shall not require Buyer to sell the Goods at any specified price, Opinel reserves the right to end its relationship with Buyer and terminate these Terms and Conditions if any Goods sold hereunder are subsequently advertised for sale anywhere to any one at less than the Suggested Minimum Advertised Price.

2. Buyer shall sell the Goods in the Buyer’s approved sales Territory. The Territory shall be defined as the United States.

3. Buyer shall sell the Goods through Authorized Sales Channels. The Authorized Sales Channels shall be defined as:

  • Buyer’s own physical brick & mortar stores;
  • Buyer’s temporary storefronts at events and trade-shows;
  • Buyer’s catalog; and
  • Buyer’s own website(s). Notwithstanding any other provision of this Agreement, Buyer shall have the right to sell the Goods on its own website, and internet sales by the Buyer to end-users within the Territory shall not be deemed to violate this Agreement.

4. Buyer shall NOT sell the Goods through Unauthorized Sales Channels. The Unauthorized Sales Channels shall be defined as:

  • Any and all e-commerce marketplaces or auction websites, including, but not limited to, Amazon, Alibaba,, Craigslist, eBay,, Newegg, Overstock, Rakuten, Sears and Walmart.

If Buyer violates this Agreement with respect to sales outside of the Territory and/or Authorized Sales Channels, Opinel shall have the option to suspend Buyer’s eligibility to purchase Opinel Products or terminate this Agreement.

5. The verbal trademark Opinel, the crowned hand drawing as well as the handle's knife are registered trademarks. Any modification of any kind of Opinel's knives, especially by affixing, suppression or by any other mean is strictly forbidden. The resale of modified Opinel knives is strictly forbidden.